So fresh and so clean

Laundry detergent made from tiny strips of paper. Simply better, cheaper, and more convenient than other brands.

1 year of washes* for only £30.69 -> takes up less space than a cereal box210 strips + free delivery + trees planted
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For everyone that wants clean clothes without it costing the earth. Cheap to buy but not at the cost of the environment.

Planting trees and funding the best carbon offset projects in the world every pack we sell.

trees planted and t carbon offset and counting.

Easy to use
Just tear off a strip and throw it in the machine
Convenient to store
1 year supply takes up less room than a cereal box
Our 30 wash pack is as thin as a phone and weighs half as much
We offset carbon and plant trees every pack sold
Vegan approved and cruelty-free.
Kind on sensitive skin
No harsh chemicals used
Detergent for everyone
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