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WASH*TLaundry is boring

Free laundry detergent samples

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Oh, I hope you’re not waiting for us to try and convince you that doing laundry is actually great? Because umm, we can’t. It’s boring AF.

But we can help you out with our mighty little WASH*T laundry detergent strips.

If you're wondering, they're just super concentrated dry paper strips of laundry detergent.

They're fragrance-free and non-toxic, weigh next to nothing and you can store them anywhere. I mean, a whole pack of 30 washes weighs as much as an egg and is as thin as a pencil.

OK! Most importantly, this means there's no fiddly plastic packaging to fight with every time you want to put a load of washing on.

You can keep them in the small envelope we post them out in, or if you're part of our Laundry Club, we'll give you a free little magnetic tin to stick to your washing machine. Super convenient!

Because the less time spent rummaging under the sink, the better. Am I right? I am right.

Just don't get them wet, because they dissolve super easily in hot and cold water.

It will clean your stuff just as good as (but we dare say better than) most other detergents out there. One customer even said when their dog got sick-up on its bed, wash*t got it cleaner than ever before.

  • The strips are fragrance-free.
  • We're cruelty-free and vegan.
  • No plastic or water waste.
  • All packaging is made from recycling materials and is biodegradable.

Phew. That’ll do for now, if you aren’t convinced after that then don't bother asking for free samples.